The Bridge the Gap campaign started in 2012 to correct significant gaps in dental patient protection but despite our best efforts there has been no recognition of the problems nor any appetite for change on the part of either the dental regulator, the General Dental Council, nor the Government.

Because of Government intransigence, in 2015 we made a formal complaint to the European Commission regarding the UK Government and Department of Health’s failure to apply EU Directive 2011/24/EU correctly which would, if upheld, have forced the UK Government and Department of Health to improve patient protection in this area. Unfortunately the UK’s EU membership referendum result in 2016 has had the effect of halting the EU Commission’s interest in the policing of transposition of EU law by the UK, one of the unintended consequences of the referendum result, and there is now no possibility of the EU intervening to facilitate the Bridge the Gap objectives.

Despite the lack of tangible success to date, the gap in UK dental patient protection continues and it is our hope that in the future a UK Government will see the error of its ways and make the necessary changes to improve patient protection.
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